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XBRL - eXtensible Business Reporting LanguageXBRL

Authors: Riccio, Edson Luiz; Silva, Paulo Caetano; Sakata, Marici Gramacho
Synopsis: This book presents aside from XBRL language (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), the various interrelated issues that make it an important source for understanding the systems of corporate disclosure. This book consists of articles from researchers and practitioners from renowned institutions that have solid engagement with the topic. The book highlights the following topics - Concepts and developments in corporate disclosure; Applications geared to the international context, Brazilian and Portuguese; Searches in Brazil and Portugal; Dissemination of information via the Internet; XBRL - eXtensible Business Reporting Language; topics important to the subjects related to the business scenario related to the subject; discussion Questions.

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ISBN: 8573934719

ISBN-13: 9788573934717


Sistemas de Informção

Authors: Edson Luiz Riccio, Rosana C. M. Grillo Gonçalves.

SynopsisThe text included in this book have tools or models formulation, description, analysis and implementation of strategies. The idea is to condense in the manual a collection of models that are usually presented in several works. Each author aimed to write their article in the themes chosen based on their experiences of teaching, practical experience in strategy, information content and applications in diagnostic and intervention activities in organizations. Thus was established an outline on various issues related to strategy. The chapters are well broken - support for strategy formulation; human dimension in strategy, strategic performance; product portfolio, brand, reputation in strategy, design and implementation of strategy, strategic alignment and related theories. Work to support students and business professionals who work in the functional areas of management and strategy and strategic planning.

ISBN: 8522452482

ISBN-13: 9788522452484


Sistemas ERP no Brasil - Teoria e Casos

Authors: Souza, Cesar Alexandre De; Saccol, Amarolinda Zanela
SynopsisThis book brings together the results of case studies and researches conducted in the Brazilian scenario. The articles that comprise this collection were designed by academics and researchers, most of them with practical experience in the IT field. The adoption of an ERP system determines sweeping changes in the organization, which require significant efforts and investments.

ISBN: 852243493x
ISBN-13: 9788522434930

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Tecnologia de Informação - O Que Fazem as Empresas que Obtém Vantagem Competitiva

Translation of the book: "Up and Running"- from Richard e. Walton, to Portuguese. 

SynopsisIt deals with the effective implementation of advanced information technology in organizations.

ISBN: 8522409862

ISBN-13: 9788522409860